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The Power of Prayer!

How seriously do we actually take prayer? This is a question that we all need to stop and really consider for our own lives. Is prayer just something we do just because we are told to do, or told its the right thing to do? Or, do we really consider the thought that when we go in to prayer you are in a direct conversation with our God, who is also our Father, who is also our Creator. Now think about this way, God does not just have those three characteristics but He is also our Savior Jesus Christ, who is God, and God is the Holy Spirit that dwells with us and gives us our strength, boldness, sets us free from this world we live in. WOW!! Has the excitement kicked in yet? Get this, the same God wants to sit down and talk with you, yes you, just read that, God has time for you, me, and everyone and there is an open, direct line of communication with Him through prayer.

All through scripture we here about all those famous people in the Bible who turn to God in prayer, no matter what their circumstances may be at the time. Even Jesus who is God, would not take advantage of His power, Jesus would break away and go spend all night, early mornings, or evenings in prayer seeking the Father. As matter of fact scripture states in Luke 5:16 that he would withdraw himself to deserted places and would pray. Jesus never did anything without praying about it first, Jesus was completely dependent on the Father.

Jesus teaches us about prayer, In Matthew 6:5, Jesus begins teaching on how to pray, but what He says first should bring about self examination, “When you pray” , you see there was no “If you pray”, or “would you like to pray” it is, “When you pray”. Jesus expects us to pray, now prayer is not what we do out of obligation, we pray because we want to draw closer to God. Prayer is not something we do once a day, the Bible states in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray without ceasing” , so prayer should be an attitude we have, in other words, every decision, and/or choice we make we should pray about first, not last, but first! Pray is key to drawing closer to God as our Father, you basically come in to constant communication with Him. Even though He already knows what you are going to say or ask, God still wants to hear from you. We as individuals and the corporate body of Christ need to become powerful prayer warriors. Once we grasp the power of prayer, I promise you, we will see our world change. We will see an out pouring of the Spirit like we have never seen before, salvation will flood the church’s! Its time we get on our knees and pray and cry out to God for all people and all things!


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