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What is your passion?

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Sit back for a minute and ask yourself this one question, Where is my passion? Many of us will answer this by stating in our family, husband, wife, kids, careers, or could be in a hobby or sport you play. Either way we all have something that we are passionate about. I myself am passionate about my family, I love the time I get spend with my wife and children, and God has grown our family quite a bit over the last few years. Really when we think about it our family itself has grown in to a ministry, God has given me and my wife a passion in our hearts to take in children and love them as our own. You could say we are passionate about children in our community. Even more than the passion me and Shannon have for children and our church, or more than a NFL quarterback has for the love of football, Jesus has a passion for us all. Many times in scripture it states Jesus felt compassion for the people. I can’t begin to think about the agony the Jesus felt, because He knew every persons pain and suffering, and still does today. When Jesus looks on you he knows your feelings, your thoughts, concerns, your struggles. What is wonderful about all this, is Jesus is there with His arms wide up ready to wrap them around you and carry you through what you are dealing with at that moment.

When we study the scripture I believe it is safe to say Jesus has a passion for all of us, and that is something we need to take personal. Jesus came to earth in human flesh to live amongst us, to reach out to the lost, the hurting, the outcast, the addicted, really no matter what their classification in life is, Jesus was there to lend them a hand, to heal them, to save them. Jesus does the same thing today, even though he now sits on the throne at the right hand of the Father Jesus still has a passion for all of us. The greatest day in history looks like dark day from a worldview but what Jesus did on the cross stretched forth across generations and time that we can not comprehend. Even though Jesus took on all our sins and died on the cross, the best was still to come! 3 days later at sunrise the passion of Jesus was fulfilled. Jesus overcome sin and death and now is our King, our Lord and Savior. You see now that passion Jesus has for you and me covers us before a Holy God, when we put our faith and trust in Jesus, Jesus covers our sins before the Father, no matter what that sin may be He is there to take it from you. Jesus has a passion for you like none other, and with our daily walk our goal should be to strive to be more like Jesus everyday, have a passion for the lost, a passion for the weak, a passion for people around you. The need for people to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ is urgent, and as followers of Christ we need to accept our part in this battle, to plant the seeds, sow the fields, and prepare for the harvest. There is a harvest coming, and its coming because we have a Savior that is passionate about people and His bride, the church has a passion for people.

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